The SADI Approach

Established in 2011

SADI Training believes that “Training” is concerned with those activities which are designed to improve human performance on the job that the employees are hired to do. Therefore; we pride ourselves in putting immense emphasis on real or simulated situations in which the delegates will eventually operate.

We recognise value for money and do our utmost best to deliver by ensuring that our clients acquire specific observable skills for a task at hand.

By using critical market research methods in the designing and production of our events, we are able to identify the unique challenges facing local and African businesses today. Our commitment to service excellence means that we deliver genuine business solutions at competitive rates. Our research-driven, tailor-made training events relate directly to market movements and industrial change.

SADI draws on a diverse pool of industry professionals in the production and staging of its events, in order to provide delegates with the ultimate learning experience. Not only do our subject-matter experts possess a wealth of knowledge, relevant qualifications and solid industry experience, but they are required to demonstrate exceptional presentation/workshop skills in order to keep delegates interested and focused at all times.

SADI’s Development Team Formulates Leading-Edge Programs That Boast The Following:

  • Talented practical/experiential trainers handpicked from our unparalleled continent-wide resource of expert practitioners and consultants.
  • Real-life topical case studies, practice exercises and interactive discussions to equip you with the practical tools which can be put to immediate effective use.
  • Business and social networking opportunities
  • Multilingual client liaison teams to ensure effective communication.
  • An exclusive ICT policy that equips delegates with the latest technology to support classroom delivery
  • An Exclusive hospitality policy that covers all your airport transfers and inland logistics

Our Services Include:

  • Event Production and Event Management (public workshops, seminars/ conferences)
  • In-house Training (Tailor-Made On-Site Training for groups of 10 and above)
  • Short Term Training Solutions (Flexible 1 – 4 Week Training Programmes)
  • Events Management (Benchmarking, Exchange Visits/Study Tours, Sister Cities, Medical Tourism, Corporate Events)
  • Energy, Oil & Gas

 We Offer Soft And Technical Courses In:

  • Administration/Secretarial
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Government & Governance
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Procurement
  • IT
  • HR
  • Legal
  • Project Management
  • Transport & Logistics
  • M & E
  • Environmental
  • Oil/Gas/Energy
  • Gender

 Why You Should Train With Us?

Industry standards
All our courses are mapped against Education and Training Quality Assurance (ETQA) of South Africa. This means that, whatever programme you attend, you’ll get the relevant skills you and your employers need. We are constantly updating our course content and developing new programmes to reflect the latest industry developments and techniques.

Our Vision

  • Achieve international excellence for outstanding contribution to capacity development in Africa

Our Mission

  • To be considered as a role player in the concept of “centre of excellence” in addressing Africa’s training needs.
  • To recognise value for money and deliver specific practical skills for a task at hand.
  • To provide cost-effective and accessible training solutions in Offshore and Soft skills training to Africa

Our Values

Our mission and vision are fuelled by a set of core values to which Sterling Afrika is fully committed.Our values are;

  •  Integrity
  • Job creation
  • Compassion
  • Divinity

Mission Statement

Africa’s Leader in Capacity Development

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If Your Aim Is To;

  • Train your staff
  • Organise an annual company event
  • Plan an international conference/meeting
  • Motivate your employees
  • Create sustainable events

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